Evangelism and Outreach

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OT Signature Book 1: Life Questions
Life Questions (Signature Series)
1-2 Days
Monday Morning Atheist
It's an easy thing to believe in God but work like He doesn't exist-switching God off. You are most likely struggling with Monday Morning Atheism right now without even knowing it. The revolutionary new book, Monday Morning Atheist, provides insights on this struggle and ways to stop the switch.
1-2 Days
 Shhh...The Mark Whitacre Story
The engaging testimony of Dr. Mark Whitacre, Biotechnology Executive and CBMC Marketplace Ambassador.
1-2 Days
A Friend Under Fire (Bundle of 10)
Discipling a friend to safety and fulfillment
1-2 Days
Ten Most Wanted Cards (25)
A CBMC essential: the Ten Most Wanted Card. This card is a simple, strategic tool for engaging people in profound ministry. On the front of the card, space is provided for you to list the names of lost businessmen to help you and your team pray for their salvation. On the back, it has space for the names of Christians evangelizing and discipling in the marketplace, like your CBMC city leaders. It also records our ministry vision and core values.
1-2 Days
OT Signature Life Questions Bulk Set
Life Questions 5 pack
1-2 Days
First Steps
This study, designed to be discussed with a friend or in a group setting, examines the life of Jesus Christ and the credibility of the Bible. Geared toward the non-believer, it considers who Jesus is, His claims about Himself and why what He accomplished is important today.
1-2 Days
Steps to Peace
Steps to Peace 50 pk.
1-2 Days
The Mulligan
Tim Philpot has delivered his golf lessons for life at many CBMC outreaches over the years. This booklet offers timeless advice, presenting the gospel in terms of the greatest game ever played.
1-2 Days